Contributions to the Martín-Baró Fund

The Ignacio Martín-Baró Fund is a special project of The Peace Development Fund. Contributions to the Fund made through The Peace Development Fund are tax-deductible.

Online Donations

Through our fiscal sponsor, the Peace Development Fund (PDF), we are able to accept PayPal donations. The minimum gift is $10. Using the links below, you can choose to make a one-time gift or recurring monthly gift via PayPal. You may pay by credit card and if you choose to make a one-time gift, a PayPal account is not required. The organization listed will appear as "Peace Development Fund/Martin-Baro Fund" to allow your gift to be properly deposited to our account. (Please note that PayPal charges a small administrative fee, based on the size of the gift, which is deducted from your disbursement. )

One-time Gift


Recurring Monthly Donations*

*Requires the set-up of a free PayPal account.

We are also able to accept credit card donations through our fiscal sponsor, PDF. Follow the link to their website and make your gift through their secure server. "Peace Development Fund" will appear on your credit card statement. Make sure to note in the Additional Information or the Comments section that the gift is designated for the Martín-Baró Fund.

Donate by check

Or, to donate by check through the mail, fill out this form and mail to:

Peace Development Fund
PO Box 40250
San Francisco, CA 94140

Thank you for your support!